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Чтобы не обижать Литву

Чтобы не обижать Литву, в польской инфографике делают вид, что Виленский край был инкорпорирован в состав СССР

Нет описания фото.
Pete Szymanski

WWII started 80 years ago today. Here is what happened.

Poland is central to any power intending to control Europe.

In Poland Hitler sanctioned the war of annihilation.

He said: “I will crash Poland without warning in such a way that no trace of Poland can be found afterwards.”

The Nazi’s goal was germanization, cultural genocide, and eradication of Polish identity.

Both (German and Russian) powers wanted to eliminate Poland’s infrastructure, people and spirit.

Hitler conducted massive propaganda effort against Polish cultural identity. He attacked Poland’s character and its international image.

The loss of Polish cultural identity created a feeling of isolation, and being an individual rather than united country reduced resistance.

Poles were prisoners in nearly all German concentration camps. German and Soviet hatred for Pole was greater than (that) towards each other. Polish casualties shall have a greater purpose.

Terror in Poland was worse than anywhere else.

Suffering is so intimately personal that it must be explained through the personal equation, if at all.

Few people know how the Polish people suffered.

WWII left Poland “the most devastated country in Europe.”

Although not portrayed in popular media as the extermination of the Jews during the Holocaust, the Nazis also committed mass genocide against the Poles.

Forgetting about Polish victims undermines the evil nature of the Third Reich.

Comparatively, no nation suffered as much as Poland.

Stalin caused the war but was the one deciding the fate of the countries decimated by WWII. That led to suicides of (many) Polish veterans.

In Teheran, the powers decided that USSR (would) be expanded at Poland’s expense.

No European government helped Poland and Polish people rebuild their country after the devastation they faced over the war.

Abandoned by the Allies, Poland played a lonely and sacrificial role in tragic WWII. (At the end) instead of justice Poland got a new occupation.

Poland suffered more from WWII than it is acknowledged.
People can demonize entire cultures when the right words are used.

The horrific events that followed the invasion (of Poland) have left a profound mark on the Polish people but have gone far too long covered up or forgotten by much of the world.

World War II began 80 years ago this Sunday after Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union signed a “nonaggression” pact that was, in fact, a mutual aggression pact. Adolf Hitler invaded Poland on Sept. 1, 1939. Russia’s invasion of Poland, no less murderous, followed two weeks later.

Poland had been an independent country for just less than 20 years after 123 years of previous suppression by Russia, Prussia, and Austria.

During all this time and thereafter, Poland never stopped fighting. And it's fighting to this day to protect its good name, history, property, and cultural uniqueness and authenticity.

It takes a certain spirit to come out of that successful.

Frederick Douglass, the most photographed man in the 19th Century (even more than Lincoln) would agree, after all he said:

Judge others not by the heights they have risen to, but from the depth from which they had to climb.


И даже назвали город Вильнюсом, правда, с W.
Эта Карта вообще топонимически странная, не Lwow, а Lviv, хотят соблюсти политес. Но как получился Stanislaviv, ума не приложу
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